Saturday, February 27, 2010

Table Talk
by Harvey Estes
edited by Mike Shenk
February 26, 2010

Full answers not yet available on WSJ's crossword puzzle page. So take all answers with a g. of s.

Theme: “PAT” removed from the top set of answers and added to the bottom set.
(PAT)TERN BALDNESS {23A Avian alopecia?}
(PAT)RIOT MISSILE {33A Object thrown at a demonstration?}
(PAT)RON OF THE ARTS {47A Howard as a museum supporter?}
PALPATE FACES {81A Check mugs for lumps?}
PATINA SENSE {92A Asset for bronze cleaners?}
PITAPAT BREAD {109A Money that makes the heart beat faster?}
PASS THE BUTTER {63A Table request, and this puzzle's theme}
PAT {110D Apply 63-Across to this word in three pairs of answers}

Ringing changes on the add-a-word/drop-a-word themes. Reminiscent of “Come Together” on October 9, 2009, by Mr. Estes, where he dropped various letters from song titles to form new titles. The dropped letters came together for LENNON. Mr. Estes doesn't just drop letters. He likes to play with them after.

Admissions of Defeat: 1?
No Googling, confidence in most of the answers. However, there always seems to be one box that devolves into guesswork. I guessed correctly on Tokyo for TSE {38A Japan's Big Board} and I like the rest of the acrosses but that leaves TROLL for {38D Sing in a carefree way}. Huh? Resolution pending appearance of the answers and my discovering how to update a post without reposting.

Commentary: Short post.
Overwhelmed with work in civilian life. You wouldn't think a once-a-week blog would be hard to fit in but it be. I've said it before. I can not imagine how folks puzzle & post everyday. Perhaps it would be easier if I could time my puzzle solving with a clock rather than a calendar.

ACPT countdown: (Extrapolating from 2010 dates.)

Chances of my going: 40%
A surge of hope arising from a surprise showing on Friday's NYT. Fireball, Saturday, etc. still hopeless.

Katherine Walcott
Puzzle Fan

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