Monday, February 1, 2010

by Myles Callum
edited by Mike Shenk
January 29, 2010

Full answers not yet available on WSJ's crossword puzzle page.

Theme: IDEA
Word embedded in phrases, mostly in front: RIDE A-, BRIDE A-, PRIDE A-, HIDE A-, DECIDE A-, WIDE A-, SIDE A-. One in the back half of the phrase: -I DEALER.

Just Because: 2
HONALEE {21A Puff the Magic Dragon's land} - I've always hated that song because I feel for Puff. He's going to live forever without someone to visit him? No, thank you. Abandonment issues anyone? It is not however, about drugs, so says Snopes.

LEGO {85D Company whose name comes from the Danish for "play well"} - Who says childhood has to end? Ogden Nash: “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” The Bible: “...and become as little children...” Matthew 18:3 KJV.

Admissions of Defeat: 0?
When the teacher doesn't show up to grade our work, doesn't that mean we give ourselves and A and go home?

Commentary: A decent puzzle that did not grab me nor inspire discussion. The second hide-a-word in a row, a theme more about letter order than any radical cleverness in content, and half a dozen deju vu words. Granted I'm casting aspersions without doing the research to back them up but I'd swear I'd seen ONE LOVE elsewhere in the past week. However, I defer to the puzzlers's authority & admit I may not be feeling grabesque just now. When everyone in the party is getting up your nose, it's time to consider the common denominator.

Katherine Walcott
Puzzle Fan

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